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the wells physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists use a range of standard treatment therapies during sessions. Treatments will be tailored according to your medical concern and requirements to ensure an effective recovery.

Joint mobilisation involves the physiotherapist applying pressure to a specific problem area. Pressure is usually applied in the direction of the tightness, while the depth of pressure varies depending on the technique being performed. The approach helps reduce stiffness, restore movement, and decrease pain in a joint.

joint treatments the wells physiotherapy
soft tissues techniques the wells physiotherapy

Approaches such as soft tissue massage or trigger pointing increase blood flow to an area, decrease pain, and enhance muscle length. They are often used alongside joint mobilisation to relax surrounding joint structures.

This therapy is similar to joint mobilisation, except with a focus on nerves. Commonly used for conditions such as sciatica and carpal tunnel syndrome, the physiotherapist will manipulate the affected area to desensitise irritated or compressed nerves and nerve tissues.

neural release techniques the wells physiotherapy
therapeutic ultrasound the wells physiotherapy

Not the same as the ultrasound machines used during pregnancy, therapeutic ultrasound involves using a ‘wand’ that emits high-frequency soundwaves (although you won’t hear them) to create heat in the muscles and tissues of a particular area. The therapy aids in reducing inflammation, increasing blood flow, decreasing pain and tenderness, and improving mobility.


Your physiotherapist may apply kinesiology tape or zinc oxide sports tape for certain concerns. These tapes can aid recovery by supporting and releasing pressure in a specific area, decreasing pain, and increasing proprioception (the body’s awareness of its movements and positioning).

exercise plans the wells physiotherapy

During your session, the physiotherapist will provide tailored exercises or stretches you can conduct at home between treatments to help promote healing and ensure a speedy and complete recovery. They can also demonstrate exercises in the clinic’s on-site gym that can assist in rebuilding strength following injury and help you avoid reinjury in the future.

To book an appointment with one of our physiotherapists, please call 01892 525065

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