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Bike fit the wells physiotherapy

Are you one of the 7.6 million people in the UK who regularly hop on a bike?

When the saddle, pedals, or handlebars are incorrectly positioned, this can lead to issues such as:

  • Knee pain

  • Lower back pain

  • Neck pain

  • Numbness in the hands

  • General discomfort

These can occur when riding but may also persist for some time afterwards.

Our expert-led bike fit service involves assessing an individual’s biomechanics and medical history, then changing the position or set-up of their bike accordingly. The result is reduced injury risk and comfortable positioning for maximum enjoyment. Rather than you fitting the bike, we fit the bike to you!

bike fit service

There are several elements to a bike fit consultation.


A session begins with an in-depth conversation with your bike fit specialist. You’ll discuss your cycling history, previous medical interventions, previous or existing injuries, and what aspects you’d like to target.


Next, you’ll share what your training currently involves, methodologies, and aspirations – and how these influence the way you use your bike.


Your bike fit specialist will then focus on biomechanics. This element starts with an evidence-based analysis of your body positioning on the bike, and the results are paired with the information obtained during your conversation.


From this, we make adjustments to the bike according to the rider’s unique needs. Your bike fit specialist can also offer additional support by advising on cycling-focused strength training programmes, or tweaking your existing training methods so you can optimise your outputs on the bike.

bike fit specialist

While there are online tutorials on making adaptations to your bike, these don’t consider individual needs, biometricsor injuries.

Our bike fit specialists are not only clinically trained but also fantastic biomechanists who are passionate about supporting people in achieving their goals.


Please note that we are not a bike shop, and the fit is clinically led. We do not stock bike parts, so any additional parts recommended during a consultation must be sourced independently by the rider.

To book your bike fit consultation, please call 01892 525065

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