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Around one-quarter of adults in the UK have flat feet, while one in 10 have high arches. When the feet aren’t correctly aligned and supported, surrounding muscles must work harder to compensate. This can have an impact all the way up the body, leading to concerns such as:

However, orthotics – in the form of an insole – can provide crucial support to the foot and arch area, bringing the lower body back into alignment and easing tension in nearby muscles, tendons, and joints. 


While insoles are available to buy off-the-shelf, these are simply not supportive enough for most individuals. Think of it like wearing glasses that don’t have a prescription to match your eyesight! As such, we offer two types of orthotic insoles at The Wells Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic: prescription and semi-bespoke.

Prescription orthotics are custom-made and tailored to the shape of your foot. This element of personalisation ensures the insoles hold your feet in the correct position and provide optimum comfort.

Traditionally, prescription orthotics are made from a mould taken of the foot using plaster of Paris or foam. However, at The Wells Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic, we use an innovative scanner to obtain a 3D image of the foot, which is sent directly to our manufacturing partner, Enertor. Once made, the insoles are sent to us so we can check and fit them with the patient. With a shell made of carbon fibre and nylon mix, the insoles are designed to be durable and long-lasting, and absorb load through the foot.

Our prescription orthotics package includes:

  • Consultation and 3D scanning

  • 1x pair of custom-made Enertor insoles

Cost: £420

Additional pair of insoles: £199

A semi-bespoke insole is an alternative solution for those who don’t necessarily require a custom orthotic. These insoles incorporate an attachable wedge, which is interchangeable according to the level of support needed.

Cost: £58

Please note that fitting for semi-bespoke insoles also incurs an additional physiotherapy treatment charge (initial consultation, £52,

or follow-up appointment, £48)

To learn more about our orthotics offerings, please call 01892 525065

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