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ossur braces

We are the only private physiotherapy clinic in the region to offer Ӧssur knee braces. Ӧssur is a globally leading manufacturer of braces and supports, creating innovative designs that blend mobility with comfort.

Ӧssur braces are well suited to assist patients in various scenarios, including:

  • After knee surgery 

  • Conservative management of concerns such as posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) or anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries

  • Osteoarthritis

We offer both custom-made and ready-made Ӧssur braces at The Wells Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic. Your physiotherapist will be able to discuss which option is best suited to your needs.

Created specifically to aid those with osteoarthritis, the Unloader One X Brace comprises a three-point leverage system, designed to offload weight from the affected area of the joint. Also lightweight, it’s ideally suited to assist everyday mobility and support normal ranges of motion during activities.

The benefits of the Unloader One X Brace are clinically proven, with the device recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines.

unloader one x brace
ACL CTi brace

With a carbon fibre structure, this brace is incredibly durable but lightweight. It effectively stabilises and supports various ligaments in the knee by providing exoskeletal support. While the CTi brace is predominantly designed to prevent reinjury after ACL surgery, options are available for those with PCL, lateral collateral ligament, and medial collateral ligament injuries.

The CTi Brace is also a favourite among athletes looking to provide additional protection and support to their knee joints. An Ӧssur-led study of skiers who had previously experienced ACL injury found that those who wore the brace were 6.4 times less likely to face reinjury than those who didn’t.

This brace is designed to provide support and aid the healing process following PCL injury or knee surgery. The Rebound Brace holds the knee in the correct anatomical stance and ensures it doesn’t heal in a stretched position. This is vital, as incorrect placement can lead to long-term instability in the knee that may require corrective surgery.

Rebound PCL Lifestyle brace
Formfit post-op knee brace

For those recovering from knee surgery – following ligament, meniscal, or fracture repairs – the Formfit Post-op Brace is ideal. Designed with strategically placed padding for optimal comfort, the brace supports the knee and keeps it locked in place as the joint heals. Meanwhile, the easy-to-use range-of-motion hinge allows your physiotherapist to gradually increase the degree of movement afforded by the brace to ensure a safe recovery.

To find out more about our Ӧssur braces, please call 01892 525065

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