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Moira Tunstall – Acupuncture- clinically useful points Sunday 26th February 2017
Moira is a Chartered Physiotherapist who has been practising for over 30 years.

Moira’s continued practice, teaching and attendance at both acupuncture and other relevant CPD events contribute to maintaining both her professional standards and current knowledge base.

Moira believes that Acupuncture is a valuable tool in everyday clinical practice and encourages her students to view it as an integral part of their clinical skills set. Although based in Kent, Moira is available to teach throughout the UK

Karen Carroll – date to be confirmed

As well as being principal at Amersham Osteopathic Clinic, Karen is also Consultant in Charge at the Osteopathic Centre for Children’s London
Jenny McConnell Knee Course 21/22nd May

Jenny McConnell AM, FACP. B.App.Sc.(Php1), Grad.Dip. Man.Ther, M.Biomed. is based in Australia, renowned for her research in Patello Femoral pain and is in the UK 2 days teaching on this topic of interest and latest research around PFP (knee)

Jenny McConnell Shoulder Course 18th/19th June Jenny McConnell AM, FACP. B.App.Sc.(Php1), Grad.Dip. Man.Ther, M.Biomed will be teaching a practical course on the McConnell approach to treating the shoulder which will involve manuals skills and handling as well as taping techniques.

Toby Hall Upper Cervical Spine & Headaches 28/29th May 2016
Dr Toby Hall is an internationally respected teacher of manual therapy. He is an Adjunkt Associate Professor at Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia and is also a Senior Teaching Fellow at The University of Western Australia.

Covid 19 Update

We are following the guidelines from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists which state that we should continue to offer an initial virtual assessment appointment via video or telephone call.  The Physiotherapist will then make a professional judgement if it is necessary for you to come into the clinic or remain with virtual appointments. If treatment in the clinic is advised, further details and instructions will be provided by email prior to your appointment.

To ensure the safety of our patients and our staff, we have provided the recommended Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  Extra hygiene measures have been put in place, such as a handwashing area on arrival, antibacterial hand rub, antibacterial spray for all equipment and there is now a one- way system clearly signposted on the floor.  There will be limited patients allowed in the clinic at any one time. Please do not arrive too early for your appointment.

We are so looking forward to returning to some sort of normality and providing an excellent service once again, to all our patients.

With best wishes

The Team at The Wells Physiotherapy Clinic